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U.S. Senate Reduces Broadband Tax Breaks

Broadband Tax Incentives lowered for Next-Gen High-Speed Networks

One of the proposals in the new economic stimulus package moving through democrats and republicans is building next-generation broadband infrastructure for all corners of the country particularly those that still use slow dial-up methods.
In addition to getting your daily dose of YouTube over high-speed fiber networks, Congress is [...]

Sun Solaris 10 and VMWare Fusion Networking

How-To: Configure Networking on Solaris 10 running on VMWare Fusion.

Solaris is an advanced Unix-based operating system from Sun Microsystems and is known for its scalability, reliability and security. Innovative features like the ZFS Filesystem, D-Trace dynamic healing and Solaris Containers make Solaris a top choice for servers and datacenter solutions.
Solaris can now natively run on [...]

How-To: Run VMWare ESXi 3.5 on a live-USB Flash Disk

Running VMWare ESXi 3.5 on a live-USB Flash Disk
Here’s a very neat trick to boot VMWare’s latest server hypervisor technology, ESXi 3.5, from a USB Flash Disk.

You would do this to test/experiment with ESXi on your server before installing locally and committing system resources. This is also a great way to install ESXi on servers with out CD/DVD [...]