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Online Gamers Remain Top Malware Target

The Internet has always had its share of malware, spyware, viruses and many other malicious tools created by the many darksiders that roam the free-Web. What’s the most common type of malware on the Internet you ask? Well, it’s not Viruses or even Botnet code. Maybe password-stealing worms designed to victimize online gamers?
Microsoft said Thursday it [...]

More than a half million jobs lost in January

Tech sector feels the effects of a hemorrhaging economy as more than 100,000 jobs are lost and unemployment rises to 7.5%

More than a half million American jobs were lost in January as the U.S. economy further weakened during the start of the new year. Analysts continue to say that we’re in for several more months of job [...]

Microsoft Windows 7 First Impressions

Microsoft Windows 7 - In-Depth First Impressions and Review

We’ve been playing with the new Beta release of Microsoft Windows 7 for about a week now and here are our first impressions of Microsoft’s new OS as well as the bundled Internet Explorer 8.
We installed Windows 7 on top of VMWare Fusion running on a MacBook [...]

Microsoft delivers IE8 candidate Monday

Internet Explorer 8 official release imminent
Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) has been in its second beta since August and a post on Microsoft’s blog on Wednesday stated  the company was “about to release” IE8 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) for Windows XP and Vista.
Microsoft plans to deliver the first official release candidate of the next version of Internet Explorer [...]

Ballmer letter to employees amidst layoffs, losses.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft’s Q2 earnings on $16.6 billion in revenue are “approximately $900 million below our earlier expectations.” This comes after Microsoft announced huge layoffs in response to the deteriorating economy slowly creeping into the tech sector.
Microsoft’s miss took its share price down more than 10% and closed to $17.20 share [...]