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Online Gamers Remain Top Malware Target

The Internet has always had its share of malware, spyware, viruses and many other malicious tools created by the many darksiders that roam the free-Web. What’s the most common type of malware on the Internet you ask? Well, it’s not Viruses or even Botnet code. Maybe password-stealing worms designed to victimize online gamers?
Microsoft said Thursday it [...]

Sun CEO Praises JavaFX Platform

JavaFX is the fastest growing RIA platform on the market; JavaFX Mobile to launch next week

Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz announced that Sun’s new RIA platform, JavaFX, has shipped over 100,000,000 runtimes in just over a year making it the fastest growing RIA platform on the market. Pretty impressive numbers.
In his blog, Schwartz wrote that [...]

Google M-Lab, Gmail offline reviewed, Gdrive leaked and is Google the greenest?

Google launches Gmail Offline, measurement tools to improve the Internet and refutes inaccurate article from The Times.

Google made headlines this week by launching a new diagnostics initiative called M-Labs, released new offline Gmail service, leaked info on their secretive upcoming Gdrive service and took criticism for their large carbon footprint from their massive data centers [...]

Web Color Chart

Web Color Chart
If you’re designing for the web and have to deal with XHTML, CSS or just colors in general, this hexadecimal web color chart will save you time and energy when working with web-safe colors.
Check it out right here!
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