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IBM in Discussions with Sun for Possible Buyout

Sun Microsystems, Inc. is reported to be in negotiations for a possible $6.5 billion sale to IBM, a deal that would shake up the global tech industry and spell the end of an esteemed but now-struggling Silicon Valley pioneer.
The talks were reported this morning by the Wall Street Journal, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the [...]

Intel Will Invest $7 billion for 32nm Chips

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini announced today that Intel will spend $7 billion over the next two years to build advanced manufacturing facilities in the United States for deployment of their 32 nanometer (nm) manufacturing technology that will be used to build faster, smaller chips that consume less energy.
The next-generation 32-nanometer chip process is [...]

U.S. Senate Reduces Broadband Tax Breaks

Broadband Tax Incentives lowered for Next-Gen High-Speed Networks

One of the proposals in the new economic stimulus package moving through democrats and republicans is building next-generation broadband infrastructure for all corners of the country particularly those that still use slow dial-up methods.
In addition to getting your daily dose of YouTube over high-speed fiber networks, Congress is [...]

IBM Sequioa Supercomputer to research America’s deteriorating nuclear supply

IBM Supercomputer pushes ahead with 20 petaflops or the power of 2 million laptops for nuclear weapons research.

A frequent record setter and pioneer in the world of supercomputing, IBM today announced that their new “Sequoia” project, built in co-operation with the U.S. Department of Energy for their next generation supercomputer will be installed at the [...]

Google M-Lab, Gmail offline reviewed, Gdrive leaked and is Google the greenest?

Google launches Gmail Offline, measurement tools to improve the Internet and refutes inaccurate article from The Times.

Google made headlines this week by launching a new diagnostics initiative called M-Labs, released new offline Gmail service, leaked info on their secretive upcoming Gdrive service and took criticism for their large carbon footprint from their massive data centers [...]

Sun Solaris 10 and VMWare Fusion Networking

How-To: Configure Networking on Solaris 10 running on VMWare Fusion.

Solaris is an advanced Unix-based operating system from Sun Microsystems and is known for its scalability, reliability and security. Innovative features like the ZFS Filesystem, D-Trace dynamic healing and Solaris Containers make Solaris a top choice for servers and datacenter solutions.
Solaris can now natively run on [...]