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Sun CEO Praises JavaFX Platform

JavaFX is the fastest growing RIA platform on the market; JavaFX Mobile to launch next week

Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz announced that Sun’s new RIA platform, JavaFX, has shipped over 100,000,000 runtimes in just over a year making it the fastest growing RIA platform on the market. Pretty impressive numbers.
In his blog, Schwartz wrote that [...]

BlackBerry Security Flaw Found in Web App Loader

New security vulnerability found in BlackBerry’s Web Application Loader, US-CERT Classifies as Highly-Dangerous.
Research In Motion has issued a Security Advisory regarding a vulnerability found within the BlackBerry Application Web Loader.

The BlackBerry Application Web Loader is a Microsoft® ActiveX® web-based application loader that third party application developers use to create web pages which enable users to [...]

BlackBerry Storm Now Available for Under $100

RIM’s first attempt at creating a touchscreen BlackBerry smart phone has seen better days. Subject to mediocre reviews, lackluster performance and other negatives factors, the BlackBerry Storm is now available on for an extremely low price. You can buy the Storm after an instant rebate and by signing up for a 2-year Verizon Wireless [...]

Palm Pre - Slated to be best smartphone yet. Period.

Palm makes a strong comeback with the announcement of their new Palm Pre smartphone with WebOS… Apple grunts and groans…

Could it better than a Blackberry Bold, a Windows Mobile Phone and an Apple iPhone? How could it better when it’s not even out? Because, if innovation can teach us one thing it’s that technology gets [...]