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New Study: Antivirus Software Misses 15% of Malware

Security company Damballa reported that about 3 to 5 percent of all systems in an enterprise network are infected with bot-related malware — even within organizations running up-to-date anti-malware tools.
Damballa protects businesses from targeted attacks used for organized, online crime. Their global approach rapidly isolates the command-and-control needed to launch multi-network attacks.
Antivirus software discovered only [...]

HP Posts Negative Q1 Earnings, Sour Outlook

Hewlett-Packard reported a dismal quarterly profit that dropped 13 percent while sales increased by  just 1 percent as even the Palo Alto tech company’s profitable printer ink business was shaken by a devastating time in the economy.
HP shares fell $2.03, or 6 percent, to $32.05 in extended hours trading, after closing down 26 cents during the regular trading [...]

More than a half million jobs lost in January

Tech sector feels the effects of a hemorrhaging economy as more than 100,000 jobs are lost and unemployment rises to 7.5%

More than a half million American jobs were lost in January as the U.S. economy further weakened during the start of the new year. Analysts continue to say that we’re in for several more months of job [...]

IBM Sequioa Supercomputer to research America’s deteriorating nuclear supply

IBM Supercomputer pushes ahead with 20 petaflops or the power of 2 million laptops for nuclear weapons research.

A frequent record setter and pioneer in the world of supercomputing, IBM today announced that their new “Sequoia” project, built in co-operation with the U.S. Department of Energy for their next generation supercomputer will be installed at the [...]

Palm Pre - Slated to be best smartphone yet. Period.

Palm makes a strong comeback with the announcement of their new Palm Pre smartphone with WebOS… Apple grunts and groans…

Could it better than a Blackberry Bold, a Windows Mobile Phone and an Apple iPhone? How could it better when it’s not even out? Because, if innovation can teach us one thing it’s that technology gets [...]

Sun Microsystems reports Q2 earnings

Sun Microsystems, Inc. reported losses of $209 million for its second quarter of fiscal 2009, which ended December 28, 2009.
Revenues for the second quarter of fiscal 2009 were $3.220 billion, a decrease of 10.9 percent as compared with $3.615 billion for the second quarter of fiscal 2008, and an increase of 7.7 percent as compared [...]

AMD Opteron 45-nm chips released

Advanced Micro Devices or AMD has officially released their delayed and highly-anticipated 45-nm Opteron “Shanghai” processor for high-end workstations and servers. The long awaited chips feature high performance, multi-core processing ideal for virtualization, low power consumption and much more.
The announcement comes after AMD stumbled with their under-performing 65-nm “Barcelona” chips and had to play catch up [...]