Sun CEO Praises JavaFX Platform

JavaFX is the fastest growing RIA platform on the market; JavaFX Mobile to launch next week


Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz announced that Sun’s new RIA platform, JavaFX, has shipped over 100,000,000 runtimes in just over a year making it the fastest growing RIA platform on the market. Pretty impressive numbers.

In his blog, Schwartz wrote that the 100,000,000 milestone was reached just in time for Sun to announce their second phase of the JavaFX platform, JavaFX Mobile. JavaFX Mobile runs directly on Java ME to deliver rich mobile experiences with one of the most capable feature-sets available across devices compared to Flash, Silverlight and others. JavaFX Mobile will be announced at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. 

The JavaFX runtime is unique in that it not only provides the depth and feature-set of the Java platform but it allows previous non-coders such as designers and creative professionals to work closely with the worlds largest developer community, being Java.

Another key advantage of JavaFX is that it allows a device to bypass problematic and security-prone browsers and run directly on desktops or mobile phones. “The Java platform continues to provide the world’s most complete open source platform for a rich internet - supported by the world’s largest developer community,” said Schwartz. “You’ll see that phenomenon heat up in 2009, accelerated by the emergence of “AppStores” on every device connected to the internet.”


Schwartz also talked about the overall view of the marketplace. “Freely distributed, open source software will continue to create enormous revenue opportunities for those that understand the underlying business model - as an example, the Java business for Sun, last quarter, delivered more than $67m in billings, up nearly 50% year over year.” You can read more about Sun’s second quarter earnings here.

“Finally,” Schwartz said, “the consumer electronics market is going to be infinitely more vibrant and competitive than the relatively stagnant personal computer market. Having just seen a host of new Java devices, from automobile dashboards and BluRay DVD players, to set top boxes, picture frames, VOIP phones and new consumer electronics… the economy might be cooling down, but the RIA market is definitely heating up.”

To learn more about the JavaFX Platform visit the JavaFX Home Page.

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  1. adam hartung says:

    Sun simply refused to modify its Success Formula. Remember when the company launched Java? But leadership (McNeely) would not transition the company to its real source of value - software. Thus it let competitors, including Linux and Microsoft keep closing the price/performance gap. Too bad the company wouldn’t use White Space to evolve on the strength of its innovations. Read more at

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