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Palm Pre - Slated to be best smartphone yet. Period.

Palm makes a strong comeback with the announcement of their new Palm Pre smartphone with WebOS… Apple grunts and groans…

Could it better than a Blackberry Bold, a Windows Mobile Phone and an Apple iPhone? How could it better when it’s not even out? Because, if innovation can teach us one thing it’s that technology gets [...]

Microsoft Windows 7 HD Video Walkthrough

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta Coverage Part II:  HD Video Tour

Following up our Windows 7: First Impressions post, we now bring you a Part II: The HD Video Tour of the Windows 7 OS. Please sit down and enjoy a video journey through the new and improved Windows 7 GUI, the new IE8 Browser, advanced networking, [...]

Amazon Reports Strong 4th Quarter Earnings on Thursday posted a 9% increase in fourth-quarter net income as the Internet giant’s aggressive pricing led to strong sales in a dismal economy.
Amazon’s better-than-expected Q4 revenue and earnings, along with a strong sales outlook for the current first quarter and a better than expected holiday shopping season, helped boost shares 12% in extended-hours [...]

Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Obama Stimulus

Google CEO Eric Schmidt speaks out on $800 billion U.S. Economic Stimulus
Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt joined 12 other executives including IBM Chief Sam Palmisano in a White House meeting Wednesday to discuss the economic stimulus plan proposed by President Barack Obama.
Schmidt called on the President and Congress to get a stimulus plan passed quickly, [...]

Microsoft Windows 7 First Impressions

Microsoft Windows 7 - In-Depth First Impressions and Review

We’ve been playing with the new Beta release of Microsoft Windows 7 for about a week now and here are our first impressions of Microsoft’s new OS as well as the bundled Internet Explorer 8.
We installed Windows 7 on top of VMWare Fusion running on a MacBook [...]

Sun Microsystems reports Q2 earnings

Sun Microsystems, Inc. reported losses of $209 million for its second quarter of fiscal 2009, which ended December 28, 2009.
Revenues for the second quarter of fiscal 2009 were $3.220 billion, a decrease of 10.9 percent as compared with $3.615 billion for the second quarter of fiscal 2008, and an increase of 7.7 percent as compared [...]

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Trojan virus found

Apple Trojan Strikes Again - this time in Adobe CS4

Last week we reported that up 20,000 users had downloaded a rogue installer of Apple’s iWork ‘09 suite containing a Trojan horse. The Trojan named OSX.Trojan.iServices.A has unrestrained root access, which it immediately uses to connect to a remote server over the Internet. A secondary download installs [...]

AMD Opteron 45-nm chips released

Advanced Micro Devices or AMD has officially released their delayed and highly-anticipated 45-nm Opteron “Shanghai” processor for high-end workstations and servers. The long awaited chips feature high performance, multi-core processing ideal for virtualization, low power consumption and much more.
The announcement comes after AMD stumbled with their under-performing 65-nm “Barcelona” chips and had to play catch up [...]

Microsoft delivers IE8 candidate Monday

Internet Explorer 8 official release imminent
Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) has been in its second beta since August and a post on Microsoft’s blog on Wednesday stated  the company was “about to release” IE8 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) for Windows XP and Vista.
Microsoft plans to deliver the first official release candidate of the next version of Internet Explorer [...]

Ballmer letter to employees amidst layoffs, losses.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft’s Q2 earnings on $16.6 billion in revenue are “approximately $900 million below our earlier expectations.” This comes after Microsoft announced huge layoffs in response to the deteriorating economy slowly creeping into the tech sector.
Microsoft’s miss took its share price down more than 10% and closed to $17.20 share [...]